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Dear friend,

FriendLink was my teenage years, so it was strange to discover it dormant while cleaning up and preparing to shut down Lyra, the server that I rented for FriendLink in October 2005.

FriendLink was already three years old at that time, and growing rapidly. At first, FriendLink was a way to keep in touch with Friends that met at Quaker residential events run by the Leaveners. But it quickly became a way for Young Quakers to make new friends as well, and I and many others did so on FriendLink for many years.

We spent an inordinate amount of time here, but over time FriendLink slowed and quietened. Young Friends became older Friends, and the internet evolved around our social nature to offer us better, easier ways to keep in touch, like Facebook and Twitter. With FriendLink all but silent — and the necessity of shutting Lyra down — it seemed best to put everything into boxes, turn off the lights and gently close the door.

If you're a Young Quaker looking to meet and get to know other Young Quakers, I am sorry that FriendLink is no longer here. Check below for any tips from others about where Young Quakers can be found on the internet today, and if you know of any good places, please consider leaving a note for others.

And if you're feeling nostalgic, or angry, or you have a great idea for what should be here instead of this letter, I'd love to hear from you — just send me an email.

Love and light.

Alex Macmillan
3rd December 2011